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Logo Baobab, bougies haut de gamme disponible à notre boutique et bureau de design d'intérieur et de mobilier

      Baobab Collection was born in 2002 in the enchanting landscapes of Tanzania, a country of intense colors and captivating fragrances. If the collections of scented candles and diffusers find their inspiration on the African continent, it is in Belgium, stronghold of chic and minimalist decoration, that the new creations are imagined.

       " The values praised by the Belgian brand are those of unique know-how and the recognition of great craftsmanship, respecting European trades and know-how. The raw materials are selected with the greatest care, our mineral wax comes from Germany, our glasses from Poland, our leathers from Italy and our perfumes are made in Grasse.All the candles are poured by hand, in mouth-blown glasses by glass artisans, making each piece a unique model. Each candle will then be delicately dressed with a black ribbon, the brand's signature, and placed in an elegant black box protecting the candle, like a jewel case. " 

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